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What Does the PCSC Do?

A show career is not the destiny of every Papillon and the pet owner will find many rewarding aspects of the Club that pertain to his/her situation. The most basic is the chance to form friendships with other Papillon people and to do things for your dog in return for all he/she so willingly does for you.

The Club communicates its activates with fanciers through Facebook at Papillon Club of Southern California. Members keep informed on PCSC Club business through a Group Facebook communication.

Club members agree to abide by the club's Mission Statement that serves to protect our breed from exploitation.

The Papillon is a wonderful breed of dog. His spirit and intelligence are unparalleled and his capacity for companionship is infinite. The person fortunate enough to own one has an obligation to learn all he/she can about him and to understand him. The PCSC hopes to help you, to do that. You are invited to attend a Club meeting which are announced on the Club's Facebook page.

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